For New And Teen Ichar-Yot

This page is for two types of Ichar-Yot the new ones and the teenage ones, this is a very important page for these two groups. It is written as a baseline to getting started as well as for teens to help protect their rights to practice their religion and not worry about what others will do, it also serves as a way to assist in hiding it for those who live in a house-hold environment that is against the religious worship of Ichar and demons.

                                    For New Ichar-Yot

For those just becoming Ichar-Yot this is important, you probably are thinking "I've gotta find a Satanic group to join", but that is not what you should be thinking about at the start of your journey. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what is the reason you're becoming an Ichar-Yot, it is VERY important that if you're going to be an Ichar-Yot that you're doing it for the right reasons. There is too many people that are saying "I'm a Satanist" but they're saying it either "to shock people, "cause they think it will make them cool" or "to make their parents mad", or as a voice of rebellion, and others. Those are reasons that are not the right reasons.

You may also think of going out to purchase "The Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey, or other works written by LaVey, however I must state that, that book is not for you. LaVey's work is "philosophical symbology" and "humanism" bound by material things that was created by Atheists. And symbology has nothing to do with Ichar/Satan or Icharism/Satanism of any kind. I will explain the origins of Satanism later.

There is no structured "Bible" or book that represents Icharism/Satanism as a whole, and there is no one single deity that is Ichar/Satan as a whole. What we have is a collective of books and information that keeps growing, and we have a collective of gods and goddesses that make up Satan as a whole. The title "Ichar/Satan" can and is held by any adversarial deity, and "Ichar/Satan" as a name is the name of that collective of adversarial deities. That is why (proper) Ichar-Yot/Satanists across the world have a specific adversary that they call "Ichar/Satan" that is their chief deity, but when around others will use Ichar/Satan as a name, being the name of the collective of adversaries.

The best bible an Ichar-Yot can possess is the grimoires he/she writes, because every Ichar-Yot is unique, every Ichar-Yot will have a different journey and relationship with Ichar/Satan, and the Grimoire an Ichar-Yot writes is his/her notes, rituals, prayers, invocations, spells etc... Not the works written by others, which you should never rely on others to create works for you, because some one else's works have been created from their heart and soul and will be most powerful only when used by them, or may only work for them.

That is the one thing about real magick, just because one has the achievements of success in their works, doesn't mean everyone else will be successful with that same works. Its been as such since the ancient cults of Sumeria, and with magick you have to think, "if you don't look like the person, you don't sound like that person, and don't live like that person, then you aren't that person" this same rule applies to magick and Icharism/Satanism.

Then what you should concentrate on next is finding out what type of Ichar-Yot/Satanist you wish to be by doing as much research on Ichar/Satan and Icharism/Satanism itself, as well as on different types of traditions. You can never have too much info on Ichar/Satan, Ichar/Satanism, Demons etc...

If you are still young it can be wise to keep your religious views personal for a bit. It is important that you remember Ichar/Satan will not tell you everything or really even speak to you upon the first while of your journey, he will only begin to teach you when he believes you are ready, the most he will do is give you signs of his presence, watch out for you, and basically keep you on the right path. Ichar/Satan will do everything to see that you are taken care of as one of his/her children.

As you must ask questions and seek answers and research Ichar/Satan and Icharism/Satanism, Ichar/Satan must ask questions and seek answers on you before he truly gets to know you, always remember every Ichar-Yot is unique, just because one was first visited by Ichar/Satan at a very young age, doesn't mean every other Ichar-Yot will have that same opportunity.

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or believe uou can't.... You are right"  -- Henry Ford

                                        For Teen Ichar-Yot

As a teenage Ichar-Yot it can be difficult, still with many questions running through your head, "what are my parents going to say if and when they find out" and other questions like that. As a teenage Ichar-Yot, before you decide to join a Satanic group you should do research on different groups to answer some questions you may have like, is it free? do they worship Ichar/Satan the same as I do, or accept people from other denominations? does this group allow people under 18 years old? and other questions that may come to mind. It is very important to ask these questions, and have their answers before you make your choices, as you do not want to find out you made a bad choice.

When it comes to telling your parents/family that Icharism/Satanism is your religious path is difficult, as reactions may vary. If you think your parents might over react, force you to see a christian/catholic priest or something like that, then it IS wise to keep your religious views personal. You can actually keep your relationship with Ichar/Satan a complete secret, hidden from all others if you so desire.

If you're sure your parents/family will understand knowing that it's your choice and yours alone, you may feel free to tell them, but the choice is yours. You should also keep studying and praying to Ichar/Satan to show him that you want to know him, that you will go the extra miles to learn all you can, all that Ichar/Satan has to offer, and that you truly trust in him/her.

                               CREATING A GRIMOIRE

For most Ichar-Yot, a grimoire is one of the most important things a they can have as it contains all the prayers, rituals, invocations, and most of all personal notes on their journey with Ichar/Satan and all he and the infernal ones have given and shared with them. It is very important that you keep notes and other important works from your journey.

It is also important that you try creating your own rituals, invocations, incantations, prayers etc... instead of depending on the works created by others, the works of others will not always work to the fullest with everyone, you must remember the most powerful and effective workings are those that you create from the heart. Writing a grimoire is not just something to keep notes that you can one day look back upon and see how far your journey has come, it shows commitment and dedication which are two key elements that connects the Ichar-Yot with Lord Ichar and the infernal demons.

But even further, I cannot stress how important it is that you write "your own" works, "your own" journey on the Left Hand Path, instead of what has been written by others, it's why I write this so many times on the site. You might think "well wouldn't Ichar teach every Ichar-Yot the same things?" But the reality is, Ichar will teach different things to different Ichar-Yot, when he teaches more than one Ichar-Yot the same thing he will often word his teaching differently for each person.

A grimoire can be as basic or advanced as you desire, whether it be a notebook from the dollar store or a home-made "you created your own paper" type book, or some fancy $50.00 notebook you picked up at an Occult shop. I personally just use nice fare sized hard cover books that only cost me $10.00 each.

Grimoire Definition: Within Wicca, it is known as "The Book of Shadows", the word grimoire literally means "Book of Magick", as in a medieval manuscript describing arcane rituals, conjurations and the summoning of demons.