Practice and Theory

The practice and theory of this church is by all means Theistic Satanism, and Theistic Satanism alone. Now, one might ask "what exactly do Theistic Satanists believe?"

 Well the answer is both simple, yet not simple. The simple part about the beliefs is that all Theistic Satanists are Theists, they all believe in Satan and divine entities as physical entities that can and do interact with us quite a bit, both in and out of rituals, use a basic standard foundation that simply defines their beliefs as Theistic Satanism (however that is also complex, because different parts of that foundation vary from person to person, and place to place).

The part that is not so simple is that the foundation does not include any doctrine within the beliefs of an individual or specific organization. The doctrine and the in depth beliefs including theories, practices/rituals, and philosophies are obtained through years of walking and self-development as they walk farther down the path of life and initiations. Therefore this of course makes makes it unspeakably difficult to have a book that is a true "Satanic Bible", because every Satanist would hold a different "Satanic Bible" to fit their personal system and beliefs.

 Theistic Satanism also is complex because it generally doesn't follow the same "rules" of religion as other established religions. Meaning that the beliefs of an individual can vary to extreme measures yet still be considered Theistic Satanism. For example, a Satanist can worship every god and goddess (or entities in general) that is associated with Underworlds, and viewed as adversarial, but believing that Satan is the "chief god" or highest of the gods, therefore still be considered a Satanist. They can also, such as myself (The Black Widow) believe that all gods they worship are equal and none are above each other for the reason that they represent freedom and liberation from restraints in which all are equal, but Satan is by far the god that I focus most of my work and time on, therefore, he can be considered as my chieftain yet is equal and views himself as equal to all other gods. As complex as that is, it still is defined as Theistic Satanism.

In regards to practice also varies dramatically from person to person. For example, there are people that believe it is custom to perform a ritual every night, others once a week, other only when necessary. Although in the sense of those who believe they should perform a ritual at least once a week or only when necessary, does not necessarily mean they give any less to the gods, as many of them in one way or another give honour and praise to their gods and goddesses in one way or another every day, even though it may not be a full pledged ritual. That type of ordeal as most things in Satanism are primary examples of just how complex Satanism is, and how each Satanist's beliefs and such are different from others, this is also why an actual "Satanic Bible" is generally not possible in Satanism.

Satanism also does not have a bible (that's right, Anton LaVey's book is not a "Satanic Bible"), because Satanism is how I state as a "secret society" type of religion. What this means is that Satanism is a religion in which its works generally aren't meant to be shown to the outside world, it is meant for the individual and those within the Occult community. Although, people in the Satanic community can not and do not go out and tell others they can't publish their work, they are respectful upon that individuals work as well as their decision to release it to the world, because it is likely that the publishing of that work will help the new generations of Satan walk and understand this sacred path more than they will just "winging it", as that is generally not something everyone can do correctly.

The above statement in which Satanism is an "elitist" or highly secretive religion also can point to why we do not and have not seen records such as Grimoires from ancient Satanists. In basic terms, they were extremely secretive about their work and path, and were evidently extremely good at keeping it that way.

 However, although there is few works from ancient times that either survived, or generally managed to be found, we have still managed to gather enough of a grasp to understand what the purpose behind the beliefs were and achievements that were desired to be accomplished.

In general, Satanism acts upon aiming for spiritual growth, both consciously and subconsciously, aim for self-development, self-reliance, and the pure desire to access the unreachable to gain what is needed for the initiations upon their path to obtain spiritual Gnosis, and ultimately divinity within the realm of the gods.



 What is "Reverse Christianity" you might ask? is the belief that the Holy Bible in which it is correct, yet the individual willingly chooses to follow "Satan" and acknowledge "God" as the enemy. This is the beliefs of individuals who are among groups dedicated to Satanism, and attack Christianity and their god.

However, "Reverse Christianity" is NOT a form of Satanism, and most certainly isn't recognized as a form of Satanism by Theistic Satanist. This is because Satanism is about the individual achieving their place in the afterlife and revere such beliefs as ignorant, childish, and absolutely worthless to practice such a thing.
The Theistic Church of Satan does not support the belief of Reverse Christianity and refuses ti interact with those who follow it.

                            THE THEISTIC SATANISM STRUCTURE 

The structure of Theistic Satanism that makes up the practice of the Theistic Satanist is highly complex and highly detailed, and of course, different details depend upon the particular foundation the individual has set up for themselves.