Welcome everyone, we are currently reformatting what is the Theistic Church of Satan. It has been decided that the church name will be changed to the "Church of Ichar". The reason for this is because I have grown tired and embarrassed at what is being present as "Satanism" today, with people spreading misinformation, not knowing the origins of real Satanism, as well as the idiots that have removed every aspect of Satan and Satanism from thousands of years, and still have the audacity to call themselves Satanists because they seek attention.

Those things have become a cancer that has poisoned and destroyed Satanism beyond repair. Thus, to distant us, who value the ancient tradition of Satanism, I will be incorporating terms from my personal Magickal language that was originally made for my own personal Magick. This language is called "Uixtaric" by proper name, as well as "Shur'tugan" for slang, as my personally created Magick is called "Shur'tugan" Magick, meaning "Magick of the Nest".

In this language the term "Ichar" means "adversary", originally it would have been regarded with "Satan, thou art the Ichar" or whatnot, but with the entire statement being in Uixtaric. With my disgust for what is being called Satanism today, the terms Satan, Satanism, and Satanist, have lost all of the sanctity that they held to myself and the religion in general as that shining mantle with the radiance of the Black Flame. The the title "Ichar" will be used in place of the name/title of "Satan", with "Icharism" in place of the term "Satanism". In Uixtaric, the word "Yot" means "adept", thus I will be using the term "Ichar-Yot" in place of "Satanist".

The act of distancing myself from what has become nothing more than a circus act of jealousy, fighting, "this is the only Satanism", "that's not real Satanism", and other bull shit that has completely destroyed the religion is why I have incorporated these changes to the church, and I do not request or expect others to start using this system.  

The community has forgotten that "Satanism" is an umbrella that includes Theistic Satanism, Luciferianism, Spiritual Satanism, Yatuk Dinoih, Ahrimanism, Setianism, the practices of the Necronomicon, and the unnamed practices of worshipping other dark Gods such as Tiamat, Ereshkigal, The Lords of Xibalba, and other adversarial deities. There is no one single book that defines Satanism as a whole, and there is no one single deity that is Satan as a whole, it is a collective of gods and goddesses, books and traditions and people who follow those ways. "Satan" is a title held by an adversarial deity, "Satan" as a name, is the name of that collective that connects with the Satanist through a "Gate" that acts as a nexus for everything we obtain to reach us. THAT, and its sanctity has been forgotten and drowned out by the Americanization of real Satanism that has become nothing more than a circus act.


 - The Black Widow

 Arch High Priestess/Founder

Theistic Church of Satan/The Church of Ichar 




Welcome to the official website of the Church of Ichar. We are Theistic Satanists, or "Ichar-Yot" in our terminology who know, understand, and practice the Satanism that was practices thousands of years ago, and not the circus act that is being displayed as "Satanism" today.

We do not welcome Reverse Christians, LaVeyans, Atheists, or any mundane faith. We do welcome anyone that is under the umbrella of Satanism who knows and understands what real Satanism is, and what it's about. The Church of Ichar aims to provide a peaceful and neutral ground for respectable Satanists throughout the denominations of Satanism, or what we call "Icharism". For those who do not know "Ichar" translates to "adversary" and is used in place of "Satan". This again, is to distance us from the circus clowns that have been bringing disrespect to the name/title that is "Satan".

 Although we all may hold the term "Satanist/Ichar-Yot" and the term "Satanism/Icharism" upon ourselves, the Church of Ichar is not held by one single doctrine, but encourages the individual to explore and develop the doctrine of their own journey, because we all have our own paths to walk. The Church of Ichar however recommends a particular foundation that has been designed by the church to define the general foundation of Satanism/Icharism as a whole, which will be laid out in the "Practice and Theory" section of the website. 

 The Church of Ichar is an organization that does not cost any money to join, and does not ask for donations. 

This website is in the process of reorganization and reconstruction, please be patient and we will update the website and further revisions in the forum.  

                                   How To Join The Church

Official membership in the Church of Ichar complicated at the current moment, as well as more complicated than simply joining a website. The Church of Ichar takes its memberships with extreme seriousness and only accepts serious, devoted individuals whose lives are dedicated to their path, and the path of the old ways. Currently, it is hard to get things about as I have been busy with my YouTube channel, my personal walk, and other things within my personal life. We will be coming out with an effective method in the very near future.

 CURRENT NOTICE: At the moment the CoI is not accepting members, I do know there are some people who I've been unable to get back to, this has been do to some complications with some things in my personal life. If you wish to learn from me, you are more than welcome to follow me and subscribe to me on my Youtube channel, as that is what I am primarily putting most of my time in to regarding the Occult community. I will respond to any comments and questions directed to me, and I check the notifications multiple times every day. This is the link to my channel:  

Do note that this does not guarantee that the individual will be made a member of the Theistic Church of Satan. Any individual can be rightfully denied entry into the church membership, just as any member can be removed from the membership. Being an official church member is a privilege, not a right.


The Black Widow

 Arch High Priestess and Founder

Theistic Church of Satan/Church of Ichar                                 

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The Name "Theistic Church of Satan" and "Church of Ichar", names of inner echelons of membership, and work are the sole property of the founder(s) of the organization and any sect attached to it, and are protected by Copyright law and may NOT be used in any way without the express written and signed documentation of the founding member(s) of the organization or its sects.

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